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Student Program Consulting


Student Programs

ForeReach Consulting Programs for Law Students for Law Firms and Legal Service Providers

* All fees are in CAD$ and exclusive of tax and travel time & expenses, if required

ForeReach Consulting Student Application Review Services
ForeReach Consulting Student Interview Services
ForeReach Consulting Recruitment Team Interview Meeting
Student Application Review Services

Reduce lawyer non-billable time by delegating application review to an experienced professional.  Package includes a customized set of competencies used to score applications and a ranked short-list of candidates recommended for interviews within market deadlines. 

# Applications


Up to 100:   $1250.00

100-200:    $2225.00

200-300:   $3375.00

300+ :    $4585.00

Student Interview Services

Interview Question Design and Evaluation Material: includes candidate competency consultation, interview question design and electronic candidate evaluation form



On-Campus Interviews:  includes interview preparation, question design, pre-OCI meeting with co-interviewer, candidate evaluation and recommended short-list for in-firm interviews

Full-Day: $2850.00

Half-Day: $1825.00 

In-Firm Interview Week Services: 


Full-time Interview Team Leader: includes interview preparation, question design and evaluation materials, 1-hour pre-interview week team meeting and all interview week team meetings and on-site coordination


Part-Time Interview Team Leader (Day 1 only): includes interview preparation, question design and evaluation materials, 1-hour pre-interview week team meeting, on-site coordination and Day 1 team meetings


Interview Week Recruitment Team Support: includes assistance with coordination of secondary interviews, candidate management and interviewing, as required  



Complete Summer Student Recruitment Package:

  •      Unlimited # application review & candidate short-list

  •      On-Campus Interviews (up to 5)

  •      Interview question design & candidate evaluation form

  •      Interview week full-time team leader/interviewer



Complete Articling Student Recruitment Package:

  •      Unlimited # application review & candidate short-list

  •      Interview question design & candidate evaluation form

  •      Interview week full-time team leader/interviewer   



Complete Off-Cycle Student Recruitment Package

  •      Application review and short-list candidate screening         interviews

  •      Interview question design & candidate evaluation form 

  •      1-day in-firm interview coordination/interviewer

Up to 250 Applications:  $8450.00

250+ Applications:  $10,450.00

ForeReach Consulting Student Recruitment Application Review and Interview Package
Student Interview Training for Lawyers
Discovery Interviewing Model for Legal Talent (DIM-LT) Interviewer Training Workshop:
Offered as of December 2021
A customized, intensive training program specifically designed for lawyers who conduct interviews to train them to take an inclusive and effective approach to hiring the right talent (maximum 15 participants)
  • 3-hour intensive workshop:  $575.00 per person or $6350.00 per workshop
  • 3.5-hour extended workshop:  $645.00 per person or $6985.00 per workshop
  • 30-minute one-on-one or two-on-one follow-up training session:  $185.00 per interview team member
Student Experience Programs
ForeReach Consulting Student Experience and Orientation Programs
ForeReach Consulting Student Performance Evaluation Program
ForeReach Consulting Law Student Events

Student Orientation Week Program Development: includes consultation, design and complete 1-week schedule


Program Development & Orientation Week Coordination: includes consultation, design, complete 1-week schedule and on-site/virtual coordination during Orientation Week


Student Teambuilding: includes event planning and on-site coordination for up to 10 students

1 Event:  $1125.00*

2 Events:  $2020.00*

3 Events:  $3095.00*

4 Events:  $4100.00*

Student Evaluation Program Development: includes student competency consultation and development of assessment materials


Student Performance Reviews: includes the coordination of 2 sets of reviews, at the middle and end of their term

$595.00 per student

Student Experience Assessment: includes a survey of students and a written report with recommendations


Student Recruitment Strategic Planning

Student Recruitment Assessment:  includes market research, student survey and written report 

From $4985.00

Student Recruitment Program Strategic Plan:  includes a high-level consultation and development of a customized plan based on short-term and long-term goals for the program

From $8375.00

Recruitment Event Coordination:  includes event planning  for law students designed for profile-building, as well as on-site event coordination

$1885.00 per event*

Law School Firm Tour:  includes consultation, customized event plan and on-site/virtual coordination

$1195.00/tour*   or 

$3985.00 for 4x tour package*

*excludes cost of event/activities

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