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FOREREACH: to move forward while

heading into the wind

Providing strategic solutions to Lawyers, Law Students & Law School Applicants to give them a competitive edge and move their careers forward


Consulting Services

In a fiercely competitive law school admissions landscape, applicants can benefit by investing in themselves and their future career. Applicants will be empowered to gain a crucial advantage by leveraging industry expertise to elevate  their law school applications. Whether it is correcting technical errors or providing strategic guidance on  your personal statements, ForeReach Consulting's  law school application review packages can help you stand out and secure your spot in the legal profession.

ForeReach Consulting for Law Students

 As some employers are taking a more conservative approach to hiring law students due to economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for law students to  access expertise that can give them a competitive advantage.  ForeReach Consulting offers one-on-one sessions  to give law students the tools they need to pursue and achieve a successful legal career, whether they wish to practice at a law  firm,  a public employer or in a corporate setting, and can provide clarity if you are still undecided about your career direction.

ForeReach Consulting for Lawyers

There has been significant lateral movement in the legal industry in the past 3 years. The war for talent has generated many opportunities for lawyers considering a career change. For some, this may mean switching to a different practice area, changing employers, moving to in-house, government or not-for-profit, or stepping away from practicing law entirely. ForeReach Consulting provides strategic expertise and guidance in customized, one-on-one sessions to support lawyers with the often daunting transition to the next step in their career journey.

Kristy Foreman is the Founder and Principal of ForeReach Consulting.


Kristy was called to the bar in British Columbia in 1999. She is passionate about working with law students to help them find direction and launch their careers. She also enjoys working with lawyers who are at a crossroads in their legal careers.  Kristy practiced law as a litigator and has 14 years of experience in recruitment and legal talent management with a diverse set of employers: the Federal government, large national firms and a mid-size regional firm. This diversity of experience gives Kristy a rare perspective on how hiring decisions are made and what it's really like to practice law in those environments.

Kristy Foreman of ForeReach Consulting
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