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Admission to a Canadian law school is a highly competitive process. Each law school has different requirements, but all require a customized personal statement that gives applicants the opportunity to express why they should be given admission. Make the most of this opportunity and put forward the most compelling personal statements that will give you an edge over the competition. 

ForeReach Consulting offers different options for a comprehensive review of your
law school application packages to drive your legal career forward.

* All fees are CAD$ and are exclusive of tax 

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Law School Application
Personal Statement Consultation

Law school applicants receive a comprehensive review of their personal statements with detailed feedback

Personal Statement Review (x1): $200.00

Personal Statements Review (x5): $895.00

Personal Statements Review (x10): $1500.00

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Law School Application
Review Consultation Package

Includes full review of a complete application package (Personal Statement, Curriculum Vitae/Resume, plus a 30-minute strategic planning video consultation

Law School Application Package Review (x1):  $475.00

Law School Application Packages Review (x5): $1475.00

Law School Application Packages Review (x10): $2450.00

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