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Kristy Foreman has been fortunate to work with many talented law students and legal professionals over the years.  The strong personal connections she has developed with the people she works with

form the foundation of ForeReach Consulting.  

See below for some insight on what it is like to work with Kristy:

“Kristy was required to juggle multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced, professional services environment where professional excellence and dedication are constantly demanded. Her primary strengths are her compassion, intelligence and dedication to all she sets her mind to.  I found Kristy to be unwaveringly committed to her work, reliable and always ready to tackle each new challenge with enthusiasm.”

National Director of Professional Resources, Miller Thomson

“Something that makes Kristy so special is her drive and commitment to making the legal field a place where everyone's voice is heard. She supports her students with her wealth of legal wisdom and has consistently integrated progressive programs into her firms. I am eternally grateful to have had Kristy in my corner from the beginning of my legal journey.”

Articled Student / Former 2L Summer Student / 1L Indigenous Internship Student

“Kristy is a forward-thinker with a keen understanding of the market, society, and the needs of both law firms and lawyers. She developed cutting-edge policies for our firm and facilitated and managed large projects to assist us with retention and recruiting. Kristy has a broad set of skills, and is professional, sharp, and on the ball. However, I think her greatest skill is her ability with people. She is warm and authentic, and a total pleasure to work with."

Partner, Singleton Reynolds

“Kristy’s ability to organize, prioritize and shepherd diverse interests and individuals is extraordinary. She does not shy away from challenging conversations but has the uncanny ability to engage with difficult situations in a way that creates concrete results without sacrificing collegiality. This is true whether she is dealing with a newly called student or

our most seasoned counsel.”

Former Deputy Director, Department of Justice Canada  - BC Regional Office

“Kristy is exactly who you want in your corner when you are making difficult decisions about your legal career.  She brings years of first-hand experience as a litigator and as a legal recruiter with success in both the private and public sectors.  She is undoubtedly impressive on paper, but what stands her apart is how she is able to deliver results with

kindness, professionalism, and empathy.

Associate / Former Articled Student

To learn more, check out the

ForeReach Consulting blog or click below to contact Kristy

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