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My Home Office Transformation: A Photo Journal

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Click here for Kristy Foreman's audio recording of this blog post:

I am a lucky girl.

One of the first hurdles I had to overcome before launching ForeReach Consulting was to figure out a better home office situation. I knew that I needed a private space where I could focus on my work and have confidential video meetings with clients. Since the pandemic hit in March, I had been working at a desk in the middle of our open-concept living room, dining room and kitchen. My kids and husband were often seen in the background of my video calls grabbing a snack or drinks from the fridge. It worked well enough as a temporary measure, but I knew that it wasn’t a sustainable solution if I was going to work from home for the long-term. But with 6 people in our household, all of the private spaces were spoken for.

Lucky for me, my generous and talented father and husband came to my rescue and built me the most beautiful, functional office space - in our carport. Whether it's boats, houses or old cars, the art of transformation is their business and their passion. This photo journal is a testament to their hard work, sweat and frustration (barn door kits aren’t as easy to install as Wayfair would have you believe).

Thank you to the men in my life for making my vision become a reality.

Check out the photo gallery or the video of the transformation!

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