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Legal Talent Consulting


Legal Talent Programs

ForeReach Consulting Legal Talent and Lawyer Programs for Law Firms and Legal Service Providers
* All fees are in CAD$ and are exclusive of tax and travel time & expenses, if required
ForeReach Consulting Lawyer Recruitment Application and Interview Services

 Lawyer Recruitment Services

Lawyer Recruitment Strategic Planning Consultation:  includes short-term and long-term needs assessment for  practice groups or for all legal talent and a written report of strategic plan recommendations
Lawyer Application Screening:  includes application review and initial screening interviews with a ranked short-list of candidates (per position)
Lawyer Interview Coordination:  includes on-site or virtual interview coordination, question design and evaluation materials.
Complete Lawyer Recruitment Package:  includes lawyer application and initial interview screening, question design, evaluation material and on-site or virtual interview coordination

Lawyer Interviewer Training

ForeReach Consulting Lawyer Interviewer Training
Discovery Interviewing Model for Legal Talent (DIM-LT) Interviewer Training Workshop
Offered as of December 2021
A customized, intensive training program specifically designed for lawyers who conduct interviews to train them to take an inclusive and effective approach to hiring the right talent (maximum 15 participants)
  • 3-hour intensive workshop:  $575.00 per person or $6350.00 per workshop
  • 3.5-hour extended workshop:  $645.00 per person or $6985.00 per workshop
  • 30-minute one-on-one or two-on-one follow-up training session:  $185.00 per interview team member

Onboarding Programs

ForeReach Consulting Lawyer and Paralegal Paraprofessional Onboarding Programs
Lawyer/Paraprofessional Welcome Experience Program Development: a customized onboarding process designed to ensure a consistent and positive experience for new lawyers
Lawyer/Paraprofessional Welcome Experience Coordinationincludes on-site or virtual coordination throughout the onboarding process to ensure a consistent and positive experience for a new lawyer, as well as follow-up touch-points at 2-weeks, 6-weeks, 3-months and 6-months
$7895.00 per lawyer/paraprofessional

Offboarding Programs

Resume 2.jpg
ForeReach Consulting Legal Talent Lawyer Paraprofessional Paralegal Engagement Programs
ForeReach Consulting Pro Bono and Mentorship Programs for Lawyers and Paralegals Paraprofessionals
ForeReach Consulting Succession Planning for Retirement for Lawyers Programs
Lawyer Departure Consultation: includes the development of a strategic exit plan for a lawyer 

Lawyer Departure Management: includes management of the lawyer's departure process from beginning to end
From $2630.00

Lawyer Outplacement Consulting: offered as a benefit to departing lawyers to support them in the transition to the next step of their career:
2.5-hour package - includes a career consultation and resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter review:


4-hour package - includes career consultation, resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter review and a mock video-interview with detailed feedback


6-hour package - includes career consultation, resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter review, mock interviews with detailed feedback and interview skills training:

Exit Interview: includes a detailed 1-hour interview with the departing lawyer and a written summary

Lawyer Attrition Audit: includes a survey of lawyers who chose to depart the firm and a written report with recommendations on how to reduce lawyer attrition
From $10,875.00

Legal Talent Engagement Programs

Lawyer/Paraprofessional Retention Strategic Planning includes a survey of a sample of lawyers and a written report with recommendations for retaining talent 
From $8475.00
Teambuilding Event Coordinationinteractive event planning for lawyers and/or staff to promote employee engagement, including on-site coordination (up to 200 people)
1 event:  $6775.00*
2 events:  12,250.00*
3 events:  $17,950.00*
4 events:  $24,400.00*
Firm Retreat Coordination (does not include the cost of activities/events or transportation/accommodation): includes a customized retreat program with theme design, learning and social event coordination
1-day local/virtual retreat: $15,775.00
2-day local/virtual retreat: $25,995.00
2-day destination retreat: $35,775.00
3-day destination retreat: $45,785.00
Community Service & Pro Bono Program Development: design a customized program to promote community involvement and lawyer retention, as well as build profile with prospective clients, students and lawyers
From $10,850.00
Lawyer/Paraprofessional Mentorship Program: includes design and implementation of a customized mentorship program for lawyers and students
From $16,850.00

Succession Planning Programs 

Planning for Lawyer Succession Success:

In Development - Spring 2022
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